20th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training

The Largest Global E-Learning Conference for the Corporate, Education and Public Service Sectors



Changing Learning

Modern education is evolving into a different shape. Faced with the demands of an ever more complex world, today's learning is being delivered in a multiplicity of forms and a variety of new environments. What will the shape of future learning look like? How are we changing learning to meet our new demands? How is learning changing us? What does changing learning offer us?

The 20th edition of ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN will focus on the evolving shape of modern learning and the opportunity that the variety of modern, technology-assisted learning brings.

Better and Best Practices

Submit your proposal and share the “how to” of better and best practices. These examples grow didactic and digital competencies of learning professionals and improve relevant skills and capabilities for learners. Share what you have learned using specific techniques and methods.

Training, Learning and Talent Development Strategies

Implement training, learning and talent development strategies with learning professionals at Business EDUCA. Do technologies designed for organisational learning meet organisational needs? What are the views of consumers of learning materials on certification and assessment as they develop their talents and capabilities? What is the key to promote engagement?

The Cutting Edge

Submit your proposal and showcase the cutting edge. Share solutions, services or products for educators, learners, trainers and learning providers which support innovative methodologies, didactics and pedagogies and effectively use digital tools. Including consumer tech, wearable computing, augmented learning and?

The Education Ecosystem

Submit your proposal to discuss the education ecosystem. What are the latest thoughts and examples of how education can be unbundled to create flexible, scalable and affordable learning and training?

The New Business of Learning

Submit your proposal to define the new business of learning. What lies beyond the traditional monopoly on supply of education? Increased (global) access and reduction of costs? Institutional models alter, new organisational strategies are determined and foundations for collaboration and partnerships are explored: contribute your experiences.

(Big) Data for Education, Learning and Training

Contribute your expertise of using data for education, learning and training. Possessing and using relevant data can determine the value of education better than ever. What is your story?