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The global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2015


OEB 2014 Post-Conference Report

Download the 2014 post-conference report and discover:

• OEB in numbers – the key facts and figures of the conference
• Programme highlights, summaries and outcomes
• What participants said – social media clippings
• Exhibition overview and exhibitor list

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OEB Book of Abstracts

The Book of Abstracts (Print Version), which includes all abstracts of the presentations, is published in English and will be available to all participants for € 80.25 incl. 7% VAT.

If you order the Book of Abstracts after the conference has taken place, the cost will be € 96.30 incl. VAT and postage.

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OEB will provide accredited members of the press with a wide range of services before, during and after the conference.

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Bloggers must cover education-related topics on a regular basis. Blogs must show a significant readership of at least 1,000 per month.

Please note that not eligible for press accreditation are book authors, contributors to user/community group publications, consultants, account executives, webmasters and those working in marketing, public relations, sales, administration, production, etc.

Press Releases

L’avenir de l’apprentissage : accélérer le tournant vers la modernité

Principale conférence du continent européen sur l’éducation numérique, OEB 2015 discutera la possibilité d’un nouvel âge de l’apprentissage global et de la créativité dans lequel « tout est possible ».

En tant que directrice d’ICWE GmbH, entreprise organisatrice de conférences, Rebecca Stromeyer a confirmé  que le rassemblement de cette année, du 2 au 4 décembre, mettra l’accent sur la modernité et la manière dont les personnes, organisations et sociétés peuvent utiliser les technologies de l’apprentissage pour garantir les bénéfices d’une « nouvelle ère de changement fondamental. ».

Is Data Corrupting Education?

Global experts on education and technology will be in Berlin this week for a debate about how data is changing education.

Mass data collection, sharing and analysis affect everyone who uses technology. What does that mean for the way we learn? Is the focus on data corrupting education? Are we leaving enough space for creativity, imagination and the experience of the teacher? Should we just be glad thatdata can benefit teachers and students alike, helping to prevent learners from struggling unnoticed, picking the wrong classes and dropping out?

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