Panel Talk PRS54

e-Assessment in Depth

Date Friday, Dec 4  Time   –   

Come to this academic session to discuss about continuous assessment and assessment-driven strategies in online environments, discovering how these plans involve all actors in universities to improve academic results and tutors feedback.

Workshop leader

Speaker image of Hatzipanagos

Stylianos Hatzipanagos

King's College London, UK


Speaker image of Alston

Peter Alston

University of Liverpool, UK

Continuous Online Assessment in the Life Sciences: Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

Speaker image of Olasolo

Marcos Olasolo

ETS Global, The Netherlands

Helping the Integration of Disabled People in the Corporate Sector through an Assessment-driven Learning Solution

Speaker image of Gørbitz

Carl Henrik Gørbitz

University of Oslo, Norway

Transitioning to BYOD in High-Stake Assessments: Pitfalls and Recommendations for Universities and Awarding Bodies

Speaker image of Oswald

Marc Oswald

Open Assessment Technologies S.A., USA

e-Assessment Interoperability Is Critical To The Advancement of Digital Education