OEB 2015 Pre-Conference Workshops

Sign up to one of our pre-conference workshops for a chance to develop practical skills, in-depth insights and specialised knowledge.
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M1 Morning Event

Make Your Own MOOC! A Hands-on Learning Design Workshop

M2 Morning Event

Knowledge Exchange on Technology for Education

M3 Morning Event

Beyond Digital Storytelling: DIY Creation of Interactive Exhibits as Educational Tool

FD1 Full-day Event

Making Sustainable Online Learning a Reality – Accelerating the Shift

FD2 Full-day Event

Developing a Personal Learning Infrastructure with Stephen Downes

FD3 Full-day Event

From Values to Quality Enhancement: A Hands-on Journey through Technology-enabled Course Design and Delivery

FD4 Full-day Event

Open Badges for Individuals and Organisations. An Interactive Case Study

FD5 Full-day Event

Speexx Exchange

A1 Afternoon Event

Beyond SMART: Reconsider the Concept of Quality in Times of Collaboration and Simulation in New Media Learning

A2 Afternoon Event

Higher Education Learning – Ensuring Success for All

A3 Afternoon Event

More than Blended Learning: Designing Learning Interventions for Adult Learners

A4 Afternoon Event

Newcomers' Workshop

A5 Afternoon Event

Medienbildung und Medienintegration – Praxisbeispiele aus der beruflichen Bildung

A6 Afternoon Event

The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Education

A7 Afternoon Event

DistancE-Learning in Europe – Exchange of Experience and Knowledge Sharing

A8 Afternoon Event

Lern- und Arbeitsaufgaben multimedial gestalten - Praxisbeispiele aus der beruflichen Bildung