20th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training

The Largest Global E-Learning Conference for the Corporate, Education and Public Service Sectors


"The House believes that a ban on diplomas and degrees awarded by schools and universities would have a positive impact on competence development and lifelong learning”.

Join us for the ONLINE EDUCA debate - always one of the most promising sessions on the conference agenda. This year`s motion for debate promises to stir up a hornet`s nest of controversy. Two expert speakers will argue that banning schools and universities from awarding degrees and diplomas would improve both competence development and lifelong learning. Their view will be hotly contested by two leading opponents of the motion before the debate is thrown open to the floor, giving you the chance to air your views on a topic that is rapidly becoming a major battleground between educational traditionalists and radical modernisers.


Do we need degrees and diplomas? Do they offer an adequate assessment of competence in a subject? Do they reflect the acquisition of the skills that are necessary in the modern labour market? Should schools, colleges and universities offer a different assessment of their students` achievements? Should they be forced to abandon the award of traditional degrees and diplomas? What would the consequences be? These are some of the questions that will form the subject matter of what promises to be one of OEB`s liveliest ever debates.


Chairperson: Harold Elletson, The New Security Foundation, UK

Speakers: Jef Staes, www.jefstaes.com, Belgium; Donald Clark, UfI (University for Industry), UK; Sue Martin, SAP, Germany; Kirstie Donnelly, City & Guilds, UK

The ONLINE EDUCA debate is taking place on Thursday, November 29, 2012  -  17:45 - 19:00 in Potsdam III.