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The global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2015

Pre-Conference Workshops

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Making Sustainable Online Learning a Reality – Accelerating the Shift

Developing a Personal Learning Infrastructure

From Values to Quality Enhancement: A Hands-on Journey through Technology-enabled Course Design and Delivery

Open Badges for Individuals and Organisations. An Interactive Case Study

Speexx Exchange

Make Your Own MOOC! A Hands-on Learning Design Workshop

Knowledge Exchange on Technology for Education

Beyond Digital Storytelling: DIY Creation of Interactive Exhibits as Educational Tool

Beyond SMART: Reconsider the Concept of Quality in Times of Collaboration and Simulation in New Media Learning

Higher Education Learning – Ensuring Success for All

More than Blended Learning: Designing Learning Interventions for Adult Learners

Newcomers' Workshop

Medienbildung und Medienintegration – Praxisbeispiele aus der beruflichen Bildung

The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Education

Keynotes at OEB 2015


Cory Doctorow

Writer, Blogger, Activist, USA


Hilary Leevers

Wellcome Trust, UK


Anka Mulder

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


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The OEB programme features a diverse array of sessions and activities over three days that promote knowledge sharing, networking and debate.

The opportunities to lay the foundations of a new age of innovation for learning can be built. How we act to accomplish this task is the issue which lies at the heart of the theme for this year's conference - ‘Accelerating the Shift’.

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Theme 2015: Accelerating the Shift

Modernity is an era of momentous and accelerating change. How can people, businesses and organisations survive? How can they go beyond mere survival to succeed and prosper?

What roles should education and training play in helping us to manage the shift to a new society, a new marketplace or a new reality? What is possible? What are the most important tools for achieving change?

How can we extend the boundaries of possibility? How can we reach beyond the mundane into a new age of innovation, imagination and creativity? How can we open up our horizons? How can we combine technology and learning more effectively to bring about lasting change?

How can we accelerate the shift to a new age of global learning and creativity in which everything is possible?

OEB 2015 will look at the challenge of modernity for education and training, and at how people, organisations, institutions and societies can use technology-enhanced education and training to accelerate the shift to a new age of opportunity.

Whether your interest is in formal or informal, workplace or classroom, in the cloud or on the ground, massive, personalised, social, open, corporate, pedagogy or analytics, OEB will provide ample opportunities to learn, share and collaborate.

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  • Making it Reality
    • Knowledge management and (social) networking tools
    • Cloud strategies, authoring tools, and platforms for education
    • Developing ICT competencies of learners and learning professionals
    • Physical and virtual learning spaces
    • Managing information and data intelligence
    • Personalisation, adaptive and learner-driven learning
  • Designing Learning Longevity
    • Reforming the curriculum: quality, curation and content development
    • New instructional practices: pedagogy, andragogy and didactics: for blended, flipped, immersive, gamified, social, mobile, immersive and more
    • Learning beyond the course and curriculum: self-directed learning
    • OE, OER, openness and open source
    • Peers, networks and cross-sector collaboration
    • Applying research based evidence
    • Learning from evaluations
  • Broadening Horizons: the Vanguard of Tech
    • Product provision and new tech for learning: VR, augmented, holograms and more
    • Hardware, software, devices, and apps
    • Working and learning with new technologies; wearables, robotics, AI and more
    • Machine learning and deep structural learning
  • New Contexts: Education Technology in Society
    • Accrediting and applying competency-based learning, badges and credits
    • Assessment: analysing efficiency, measuring success and effect
    • The playing field: funding and commercialisation of education
    • Net neutrality
    • Privacy, security and online identity management
    • Ownership and access
    • Neuroscience, cognition, psychology and ICT philosophy
    • Inclusion and equality
  • Employing Multimedia: Video EDUCA

    Video EDUCA specialised sessions aim to teach practical video skills and know-how to anyone interested in using video in their practice, through practical workshops and LABs, as well as discussions about the latest in video pedagogy. Whether you are making videos yourself, commissioning video content or exploring how video is transforming online education, Video EDUCA is for you.

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  • Workscapes: Business EDUCA

    These specialised sessions are dedicated to the needs of CLOs, HR professionals and learning and talent development leaders looking to deliver individual potential and business results.

    Discover top strategies to implement and embed workplace learning and develop techniques for nurturing exceptional leadership.

    • Embedding and integrating learning into the workflow
    • Benchmarking and evaluating learning and training
    • Talent development and return on investment
    • Performance support
    • Informal learning at work
    • Entrepreneurship and leadership
    • Apprenticeships and vocational training

    Explore Business EDUCA and workplace learning