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The global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2015

Programme Formats at OEB 2015

  • Applied Practice

    Amplify the outcomes of your work by joining the interactive Applied Practice sessions, which offer practical knowledge on experiences, tools and methods that are used by experts in the field.

  • Discovery Demo

    A large variety of Discovery Demos follow the “show and tell” principle, giving you the chance to interact on an informal basis with the developers and creators of next-rev tools, pre-release products and solutions.
    Join the session to experience leading and innovative examples of  technology-supported learning in practice.

  • Discussion & Debate

    The panel of experts in the Discussion and Debate sessions will bring their collective expertise and viewpoints to the table for a lively exchange of ideas.
    After panellists have their say you will have a chance to join the debate. Each session will explore a new topic.

  • Learning Café

    Engage in peer-learning activities and join moderated group discussions at the round-table Learning Cafés.

  • OEB Boardroom

    Unique OEB Boardroom knowledge exchanges give you the opportunity to expand your perspective on a variety of issues.
    The facilitators of the 45-minute boardroom sessions will set the scene and invite you to bring your ideas to the table. Ideal for collaboration!

  • Panel Talk

    In the Panel Talks several speakers present their work, addressing particular research activities, approaches, opinions, case studies and views.

  • Plenary

    Four plenary sessions bring together expert speakers from around the world to share their perspectives on pertinent issues facing technology supported learning and training, through insightful keynote speeches and lively discussions.

  • Pre-Conference Event

    Fifteen half and full-day interactive events will provide a chance to take part in skills-building, collaboration and discussions on topics for all sectors.
    The events take place on the Wednesday prior to the conference and require separate registration: Have a look at what’s on offer & sign up here to take part!

  • Spotlight Stage

    The OEB Spotlight Stage features a rolling programme of interactive formats including interviews, panels, debates, pitching sessions and performances.
    Pop in for a burst of left-field inspiration, entertainment and provocation!

  • Tech Lab

    Follow the glow of the room equipped with computers to join 10-20 participants for the Tech Lab experience.
    Take part in real hands-on training for different types of tools and applications. You are invited to sign-up for these sessions on site on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Unconference

    Open discussion and knowledge exchange led by experts on a selection of topics defined by you, as the sessions evolve.